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“I need a random game to play!” We all got that moment when we played through all our games and wanna explore some new games. That is why we launched this website. What we want for you is to explore some games that you’ve never played before.

To make this random game generator a success, we need your help. Of course, we know a lot of games to put in our database. But what we want to do is offer a lot of different games that even we don’t know yet.

So we need your help!

You can send us some cool games so we can add them to our database. We love to hear from you which games you like to play, so we can show them to our other visitors.

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On this random generator we will show you a lot of games. We also know that there are a lot of platforms you can play on, so here comes a list with some ideas we want to add to our website.

  • Show you some random and free games.
  • Suggest you the best price on platforms like G2A.
  • Show you some steam games to play.
  • Write articles about games so you know what’s in it.
  • Show you random games with some weird names you’ve never heard of.

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First of all we want to give you a warm welcome to our website. Hopefully we can show you some of the greatest and most random games. Don’t forget to help us with adding random games to our database, and click the button below to send us your game suggestions.