If you need a random game with some hilarious jokes in it, then you’re in the right place. WHAT THE GOLF? is now added to our random game database. In this post, we will give you more information about the game.

If you like to play golf then this game maybe is not the best game for you. In WHAT THE GOLF? you’re going on a golf adventure. But it is a lot different than normal golfing.

The thing is, that you’re not only gonna golf with a golfball. In this game, there are a lot of items that you’re gonna use to finish a golf course.

Explore the abandoned golf lab of WHAT THE GOLF?

If you are going to play WHAT THE GOLF for the first time, you’re gonna see fast why this game isn’t a normal golf game.

Right after the first three golf courses, you’re going to the golf lab. When you are in the golf lab, you’re going to see a lot of rooms. Your task is to explore this whole golf lab and check out all the different rooms they have in there.

The lab experiments, or golf courses, are going to be a lot harder by the time you play the game.

Check out the trailer of WHAT THE GOLF?

Play golf with a horse.

Yes, I hear you thinking. But it really is possible to play golf with a horse in WHAT THE GOLF? As I said in the intro there are a lot of items to play within this game.

One of the items is a horse, but you also can play golf with a guy, a flower pot, a horse, and even a house. The golf courses are made for these items and some are made especially for one item.

Do you want to explore the random game WHAT THE GOLF?

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