It’s tough to survive in Rust. Other players might come after you, or you might just starve to death. Rust is a realistic, competitive survival game. 

You wake naked on a mysterious island armed only with a rock and a torch. You’ll need to brave natural dangers, build a shelter, eat, scavenge materials. Explore the island, its abandoned settlements, mysterious monuments, and the factions that occupy them. But, above all, watch out for other survivors!

There are no rules in Rust but the ones you make for yourself. Craft tools, armor, and weapons to defend yourself. Cooperate with friends and allies and build a town together. Explore the island and what’s happening in it. Trade with other players. Or prey on them, raiding their bases and taking their hard-won goods.

 Buy your copy today and see if you can make it!

  • Large open world
  • Big player base
  • Online PvP
  • Host or join a server
  • New enemies, wildlife and factions
  • Build a base
  • Vehicles: horses, cars, hot air ballons, helicopters, and more