Do you want to manage a theme park?

Then this really is the game you want to play. This game is made by Frontier Developments, they also made Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and Planet Zoo. So this company really has some experience in making theme park simulation games.

In Planet Coaster you’re not limited by a grid, you literally can build everywhere on the map. That’s why you really can build everything you want. Do you want a coaster in your park, well go on and build a coaster that is totally unique!

Manage your theme park and your employees

Having a theme park is not only about the theme park itself, you also have to look after your employees. That is something you really have to do in this game.

If you’re gonna play this game with money limits, you really should check on your employees. They have a lot of needs like their education and some break rooms.

It’s possible that you spend a lot of money on the needs of your employees. But if you think efficient in placing employees buildings, it can save you a lot of money.

The only limit is your time and imagination!

Because there are almost no limits in this game, you really need to take time for building and theming attractions. You also can make your own coaster layouts and there are a lot of props you can place around the attractions you build.

After all, you can also use the Steam Workshop to download some blueprints. These are creations build by people of the community. You can download buildings, shops, and fully themed coasters or flat rides.

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