Want to play one of the best zoo management simulators?

Then Planet Zoo is the game you need! In this game, you can create your own zoo. You have to manage it and have to keep your visitors happy. It’s not just making habitats for animals, you also have to create some restaurants and other facilities for your visitors.

You’re the boss of your own zoo

In this game, you really can do what you want to. But the purpose of the game is that you create a good and healthy zoo company.

So the main goal is to create the perfect habitats for your animals. Some animals want a lot of bushes and trees in their habitat, while others don’t even want a single tree. To keep your animals happy, you have to give them just the perfect habitat.

It’s not only important for your animals to have the perfect habitat. Your visitors will also check the welfare of the animals. So if you make a crappy habitat, your visitors will start protesting. They never start randomly protesting in this game.

The only stop is your imagination!

Planet Zoo Building

Literally, everything is possible in this game, you can build what you want and most important where you want. The only thing that can stop you from playing this game, is your imagination.

So stay creative and don’t give up too fast. You have to put a lot of effort into this game if you want a really cool looking park. But don’t forget that there are enough blueprints in the Planet Zoo Steam Workshop.

Pros and cons of Planet Zoo

Everything is possibleIt costs a lot of time
Endless building possibilitiesYou have to focus a lot
Realistic zoo managementEmployees need much care
Tons of Steam Workshop items

Planet Zoo added to our random game generator

We thought this game needed to be in our random game database. It has a lot of opportunities and new features you can’t find in other games. That’s the reason we added it to our database.

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